Why Raise Funds 

Client LaceyWhen you raise funds for Project Angel Heart, you're providing nourishing, medically tailored meals for someone like Lacey.

“I’m just exhausted,” says Lacey, a single mom going through breast cancer treatments. “Some days I just do not feel like cooking.”

Lacey’s weekly deliveries include meals for both her and her daughter, Ivy. Ivy, a picky eater, likes the soups best. She also likes the cheerful, hand-drawn images that volunteers add to the meal bags used to deliver the meals to their apartment.

Lacey's just one of the 3,200+ Coloradans who will get meals this year, thanks to people like you. And the meals are espcially important now, as the coronavirus pandemic has made getting nutritious meals even more difficult for the majority of our clients. Their meal deliveries ensure they are well nourished, even when they are unable to leave their homes. 

Thank you for stepping up to care for our neighbors during this challenging time!

Let's Get Started...

1) Sign up!

Register or log in and update your personal fundraising page. You can personalize your page by setting a goal, sharing a personal story, and adding your photo. You can also track your donations and orders and access resources to help you sell cookies.

2) Start fundraising

Use the tools in your online Resource Center to spread the word and raise funds for our program! You'll find customizable emails, social media posts, fliers, and other materials to help get people to your personal fundraising page.

3) Ordering cookies

Our cookie sets include three adorable frosted sugar cookies that are packaged in sturdy, gift-quality boxes with a label indicating that the cookie order supports Project Angel Heart. They will stay fresh on your counter or in your refrigerator for one week. 

The easiest way for people to order cookies is online at your personal fundraising page (online sales end November 16 or when cookies are sold out). You may also download and use paper order forms, which must be submitted to Project Angel Heart by November 9, or have your contacts place their order by phone at 303.830.0202.

4) Picking up cookies

When ordering cookies, you'll be asked to select a pickup location in the Denver metro area (two location) or Colorado Springs (one location). This is different from in years past. Your cookies will be available at this location, and ONLY this location, on Thursday, November 19, at the times indicated on our website and in your reminder email.

5) Let's talk about perks!

Our fundraisers don't support us to earn prizes, but we still like to say "thanks!" by providing fun perks for reaching fundraising milestones!

  • Raise $60 - Get an Anthony's Pizza and Pasta free pizza coupon
  • Raise $300 - Get a Cookie in the Sky t-shirt plus the free pizza coupon
  • Raise $600 - Get fun Project Angel Heart socks plus the t-shirt plus the free pizza coupon
  • Raise $1,200+ - Get a Project Angel Heart beanie plus the socks, t-shirt, and free pizza coupon
Project Angel Heart Tee | Cookie in the Sky Fundraiser Gift Project Angel Heart Socks | Cookie in the Sky Fundraiser Gif Project Angel Heart Beanie| Cookie in the Sky Fundraiser Gif